Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun with leftovers :)

Spicy Idli Roast
I had made some rava idlies for breakfast. Although M & I gorged on them to our hearts' content, there were still some left over. We were kind of bored of them already, so I quickly gave them a new avtaar! I simply diced the idlies into bite sized chunks, put them all into a bowl, drizzled some cooking oil and sprinkled some chutney pudi (spiced powder, available in Indian stores, MTR brand) and some salt. Then I just tossed it well till every piece was coated. Next I heated a tava/griddle and coated it with a little bit of oil. Then I placed the idly chunks on it and roasted them on medium heat, turning the pieces around so they didn't get burnt. The whole process took only about 10 mins or so and voila! we had a snack in a jiffy! We ate it with spicy sauce and the idli reincarnation was worth the effort.

You can do the same with rice idlies as well and you can also try different flavours and spices, like chilli powder, pepper, etc. An uncle of mine used to cut the idlies into half and deep fry them until they turned nice 'n' crispy. Of course they taste great but they totally drown you in guilt as well! So I just opted for the healthier version :)


Vani said...

Good idea!

Divya Rao said...

Isn't it? I might try some other masala the next time...


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