Saturday, January 30, 2010

My New Book - Lots of Inspiration!

Have I told you about my fetish for books? Well, I'm easily smitten by craft books or food books that have these beautiful, colourful photographs. How I love flipping through the pages and marvelling at the colours and composition! I admire beautiful things - pretty stationery, interesting home decor, books, shoes...
I have quite a large collection of craft books as it once used to be my fancy. I would simply buy anything that made my eyes twinkle with admiration (and make M's eyes roll in exasperation!). I'm still that excited girl when I'm in a book store and M knows me now :) And that's exactly why he smiled and said 'okay' when I held up a book at him and gave him that familiar 'can I please?' smile. It's a book on Indian food and has gorgeous, gorgeous pictures, I love it! (I'd seen it at my cousin's before and had it in mind). Anyways, it's called 'the food of india' and is by Murdoch Books. Here, take a lil peek at it - 


It has a really good collection of recipes and most importantly, awesome food photography...



There are also some interesting and quaint little shots of people and places all over India. I'm surely gonna try most of the recipes and will be back soon with some to share with you :)

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Veronica said...

just the photos you have shown from the book indicate quality.


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