Sunday, July 25, 2010

In a Jiffy!

It's been quiet here at the Cozy Little Kitchen. But that doesn't mean I haven't been cooking up a storm! Just that I was lazy to take pictures and post about all the yummy recipes I've been churning :)

But this, I couldn't miss posting about... When husby darling ventured into the kitchen late one afternoon, driven by my craving for a certain Bengalooru snack - kodubale (koe-du-ba-lei)

I was being crabby, bored and wanted to snack - an unusual combination of emotions! You might have figured I didn't want to get up from the spot on the couch I'd been warming :) So, my next logical move was that of a shrewd predator on a hunt. My vision zeroed in on my unsuspecting man as he sat browsing through some DVDs. 'I want to munch on something', I declared loudly. No response. 'I feel like a snack, something spicy, something crunchy', I continued. This time he looked at me, got up and walked to the kitchen asking if I wanted some chips or peanuts. Out of nowhere I said I felt like eating kodubale. I didn't really expect anything except a, 'Hmmm...yeah, but we only have chips, want some?'. But I was pleasantly surprised when husby actually looked through my recipe books and pulled out one that I'd nicked from Amma's place.  The book was in Kannada and I had a good laugh as he struggled with the instructions. But, strangely enough, he followed it thoroughly, measured out everything and set about making kodubale! With a wee bit of help from me, he actually managed to fulfil my out-of-the-blue desire that boring afternoon! Talk about feeling loved and special!

Here's the recipe as it appears in the book -

  1. Rice Flour - 500gms
  2. Chickpea Flour (besan) - 250gms (we used 2 cups of rice flour and 1 cup of besan)
  3. A pinch of asafotieda
  4. Coconut - one half (we used dessicated coconut)
  5. Red chili powder - 1 tbspn
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Oil for deep frying
Combine all ingredients (1-6) with some water to form a stiff dough. Roll and shape into kodubales (see pictures) and deep fry until light brown and crisp.


Hari Chandana said...

Woww.. looks perfect divya... yummyyy..

AshKuku said...

our all time favorite... kodubale..... SLURPEE!!!!! Perfect evening snack..... :)


Nithya said...

Wow.. it looks yummy, neat and good :) Its always tastier when someone makes them for us na!! :)

Divya Rao said...

Thanks girls :)
Nithya: Well said :)

ganessanv said...

Hi Divya,
We always like Godubele as evening snacks.
The picture is excellent. Hope your dish could have been enjoyed by your hubby and other friends. We will ask you to make this again for us, when we meet...!!!


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