Monday, November 29, 2010

Strawberry Fields!

Okay, so it's been way too long since I yak-yakked here! I was just having a 'very-bored-yet-not-really-interested-to-do-anything' phase. And although I do feel like I'm getting out of it, a tiny bit of that vague feeling still lingers. So I thought I'd knock it off and give my bubbly, positive side a chance to do a come back. This post is one of my action points to do just that.

We're in Adelaide, South Australia, right now. The city of churches and the state with sprawling vineyards. We haven't really planned a wine tasting tour (yeah, that's right!) merely because we don't have the time for it. Husby darling is here on work and I'm just accompanying him, you know being the adorable little puppy who follows him everywhere (batting eyelashes). So no vineyards on our list, but definitely eating out a lot (since I'm determined not to cook this week), a trip (or two) to the Casino and lots of simply loitering around the city on our agenda :)

We did, however, drive down (up?) to this quaint little German settlement called Hahndorf just about 30mins from Adelaide city. It's a nice place, lots of shops to look at, sinful homemade fudge, bustling pubs serving German quintessentials and a general 'feel-good' factor. There's also the famous Beerenberg Farm a short walk up the main street.The main attraction there is strawberry picking and the range of jams, sauces and chutneys you can buy at their retail store. We thought we'd just 'have a look around' and wouldn't really pick any berries. But then there's something about the lush, fresh and very red strawberries that make you want to pick them! Rows & rows of little green shrubs with strawberries looking oh-so-pretty right there in the open, all natural, all beautiful! It's a lovely feeling, a hundred times better than when you spot a good punnet of firm ones at the supermarket. So we (rather I) ended up picking strawberries and looking pretty as husby darling took pictures :) It was 'well worth it', like the friendly lady at the store counter had said to us. We also bought a couple of jars of jams and sauces. It's hard to resist, especially when there's so much variety and they're so neatly stacked.

So now I have a big(gish) tray of fresh strawberries and I wish I had my cozy little kitchen here to bake something with them. But oh yeah, I'm determined not to cook this week, remember? So for now, I'll just be content with biting into a shiny, juicy strawberry, as is :)

There! It feels so good to do a rambling post after so long! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing about it. And if you ever are in Adelaide, do the strawberry thing, it's well worth it!

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