Friday, November 7, 2008

The cupcake looks delicious! It is perfectly baked to a toasty brown and looks so tempting, I can hardly resist it. The icing is pink and rosy and there is a generous sprinkling of chocolate bits. Oh, how I want to eat it! But there is a voice in my head and it says ‘don’t give in!’ I do not want to listen to it; I want to do what I want to, to eat the cupcake. The voice does not want to give up either, ‘it only means extra hours at the gym!’ it says. But other people are eating, why aren’t they worried about the extra kilos? Why is the voice in my head annoying me? I did not ask for its advice. I just want to eat the pink cupcake. Scenes of me running on the treadmill, and sighing in front of the mirror flash in front of me. Now I am in a fix, torn between the sheer greed for the cupcake and anxiety about the kilos I seem to be taking on. What do I do? Should I listen to the voice or should I simply eat it? ‘You can’t have the cake and eat it too.’ Sounds familiar, I have heard it before. Is this what it means? I do not know, but I want to eat the cupcake! Slowly the voice is beginning to fade and I can no longer resist the urge. Suddenly, the only thing my eyes can see is the prefect pink cupcake. Everything else is a blur. I reach out and grab it before I can hear the voice again. I bite into the soft and crumbly cupcake and feel euphoria! It is delicious and creamy and sweet! Another bite and another and soon the moment is over. The voice is now louder than ever, shaking its head at my weakness. But I do not care anymore. I ate the cupcake, it was delicious and worth every single minute at the gym!

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